October 1, 2015

Sometimes when you get a truly flat tyre you’ve got no real choice but to replace it, so grab your jack and spare and let’s get rolling. The team at Auto Tuning & Electrical have put together their how to guide to changing a flat tyre to get you out of a bind:

  • The very first thing you should do when you realise you’ve got a flat tyre is to find flat and stable ground without too much traffic. Your safety and that of your passengers is essential.
  1. Let’s not make a simple mistake here in panic. Put your car into park. Make absolutely sure that your car is in park before you exit the vehicle.
  2. Now, after getting out you’ll want to place something heavy, like a rock, in front of both your front and rear tyres to ensure the car doesn’t move.
  3. Grab your spare tyre and jack and jack your car on up. However, don’t jack it up to the point that it’s lifting the car – only to the point that it’s supporting the car.
  4. Remove your flat tyre’s hubcap if it has one, and then loosen the lug nuts. They loosen counter-clockwise. Ensure you are turning the wrench counter-clockwise.
  5. With your lug nuts are loosened you should be able to remove them with your hands. Jack your car up a bit more so that the tyre is off the ground. Ensure that the car is lifting straight up.
  6. Now time to switch the tyres. Remove the flat one and place the spare tyre on the hub. Be sure to align it properly. Tighten all the lug nuts into the tyre. It’s best to use a star pattern to tighten them fully rather than one at a time.
  7. Now lower the car back down and store the jack and tyre, and you’re done.

As soon as possible you should come in and see the team at Auto Tuning & Electrical so the tyres can all be tested and the flat tyre replaced.