October 1, 2015

While part of a regular car service, there are important reasons that you shouldn’t put off having your car’s oil changed as advised by your Auto Tuning & Electrical mechanic or your manufacturer’s specifications.

Late detection of engine problems: Infrequent oil change will make engine problems difficult to detect. Oil leaks, over-consumption of fuel, coolant leakage, etc are some problems that can be detected very early with regular engine oil change.
b. Contamination: An engine can be contaminated with dirt filled oil if the engine oil change cycle is not followed strictly.
c. Poor performance: Without refreshed lubrication, the nooks and crannies of the car’s engine will begin to deteriorate fast and bring down engine performance on the whole. Every engine part from each gasket to each piston requires fresh lubrication.
d. Breakdown of engine: A failure to do oil change at recommended intervals can cause so much extensive damage that you might find yourself in the throes of an engine breakdown anytime, anywhere.
e. Poor Viscosity: The carbon polymers added to engine oil enable the oil’s viscosity to fluctuate according to the temperature and improves overall engine performance. Infrequent oil change reduces oil viscosity and engine performance.