September 25, 2017

Only the best Mechanics in Dunedin City

Do you really understand the importance of getting your car serviced? For those of you that think that a Warrant of Fitness is simply enough to get by, you are wrong. The mechanics in Dunedin City are here to tell you the truth.

Getting your WoF done every 6-12 months does ensure that the main features of you are working ok, but it does not check every component which can, in turn, lead to much bigger problems and you spending $1000’s to get them fixed. You cannot afford to think that a Warrant of Fitness can replace a regular car service. A WoF is simply to ensure that your car is roadworthy and is safe for those around you, a car service, on the other hand, checks deeper into your car ensuring that it works the best it can for as long as possible.

At your trusty mechanics in Dunedin City, you can get a basic service done without breaking the bank. Your basic car service will check and change your oil, do a full brake check and change any other fluids that could potentially cause problems. These are all things that are just skimmed over by getting a cheap Warrant of Fitness done.

With the team of mechanics in Dunedin City at Auto Tuning and Electric, l your car service can treat your car to the pristine attention that it needs. The team not only checks your car from roof to tyre and deal with the flawed parts but it also warns you of potential problems to come. Helping you budget and save so you can treat your car when it needs you the most.

Pop into your local mechanics in Dunedin City or give them a call at 034773992 to find out more information about our amazing car service deals.